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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Marv G. So's Volcano

"Plug the hole, Billy! Plug the hole!"
"I think she's gonna blow!"
"I can't hold it any longer, Billy! The hole is too big."
"Oh, Lord, Ed... it's sucking me in!"
"Grab on to my arm!"
"Hang on, Eddie, I'm coming in after you!"

"Mama, why do people live in volcanoes?"
" I don't know, son. I guess they might be cold and so they go inside the volcano to get warm."
"Is it warm inside volcanoes, Mama?"
"Volcanoes are hollow on the inside; hence they provide an excellent source of shelter, especially if it's raining. There are many advantages to living inside a volcano."
"Like what, Mama?"
(a knock on the door)
"Hi I'm Herbert."
"Hi I'm Fingle."
"Herbert, stop Fingling me!"
"Hand me your apricot."
"I can't, Herbert. It's stuck in my shoe."
"We've gotta get it out!"
"No, not the suction pump!"
"Help! it's sucking me in!"
"My lips are stuck!"
"Boy isn't this a sticky situation."
"Yep, you've really gummed things up this time, Herby."
"There's got to be an off switch here somewhere."
"Turn it off!"
"Turn it off!"

"Who are you?"
"Hi I'm Mark G. So."
"No I'm Mark G. So."
"No I'm Mark G. So."
"How can you be Mark G. So if I'm Mark G. So?"
"This volcano belongs to Mark G. So, and since there can only be one Mark G. So, the volcano belongs to me."


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