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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Where do dust bunnies come from?

This query is equivalent to the question, "How do fish live in a lake?" It is a common phenomenon that any time you have a lake, there will also be fish in the lake. Dig one out, put some water in, and see for yourself. How did the fish get there? One explanation says that the fish came to the smalller lake from a larger lake. But no one has ever witnessed a fish walking from a large lake to a smaller one. Why would a fish do that? That would be like a person moving from a large continent, like Australia, to a small island like Nauru. In fact, the same is also true for frogs. Once I dug a hole in the ground and a frog moved in. I don't know why. I didn't put any food in there. I also put up an owl house, and the next day, an owl moved in. There is no possible explanation.

Even though you are not furry, and although you rarely stick large pieces of filth under your bed, you are bound to discover that some giant furballs have already moved in. This verifies and completes our quintessential metaphor: frog is to hole as dirty hairball is to bed. When I was in college, I collected lint balls from all of the electric clothes dryers on campus and merged them into one giant lintball. I put the lintball under my bed. Over time, the lintball became quite large. Then one day my roommate threw it in the garbage. I don't know why. If you lived with me in college, feel free to leave a comment.

The purpose of this allegory is to illustrate that a dust bunny is not something which one can pursue. A dust bunny will find you on its own. Seek, and ye shall not find.


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