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Sunday, March 26, 2006

I can't find my hamster

Having trouble grisping that carton of orange juice?

Perhaps there are a few other things around the house that you'd like to get a "handle" on. Just think about it. I used to have a bunch of hampsters. The damn hampster always ran under the couch. And it was damn hard to get him out. He just sits there and pees, you know? If I got one of them handles on the hampster, there's no way he would have even fit under the damn couch. !@#$%^&* that @#$% couch. I mean, what the hell do I need a couch for anyway? It's just a !@#$%^&* damn haven for that hampster.

I should have just used that s!@#$%^& f!@#$%^ handle on the couch. Yeah. I should have my own public access television station.


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