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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The n-dimensional penis

Due to decreased readership during the last three days, I've decided to introduce some sexually explicit content into this blog.

Ever wonder why a penis doesn't have any teeth?

It's natural to have sexual fantasy. But why should we restrict our imaginations to only 3-dimensions? The answer is that a 3-dimensional penis is completely useless in n dimensions, for n ≥ 4. This is exactly where the n-dimensional penis comes in. No pun intended. Seriously, a little bit of linear algebra can go a long way.

Speaking of teeth, Hold the Milk has a suggestive, philosophical explanation:

It has been suggested that the vagina teeth post is supposed to be some kind of commentary on what is going on in South Dakota. If so, can someone please explain that link.

I couldn't agree more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'd be amazed by the weird penises other animals have evolved. I'm pretty sure that some of them have teeth. Others are detachable and get lodged in the female. Still others have little hands on the ends that scrape out the sperm from other lovers. All of these males think they're so tricky, but the females are still in control. After all, a female praying mantis eats her mate after sex, doesn't she?

For more discussions about the diversity of penises, check out Dr. Tatiana's Sex Guide to All Creation. She talks about some of the strangest genitals including the female hyena's phallus. My undergrads loved it when I assigned it as reading for a project.

March 31, 2006 10:11 AM  

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