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Monday, April 14, 2008

a department store in naha, a girl from kyoto

Good morning class, today we are going to learn about hello kitty. Let's look at the chalkboard. There is nothing on the chalkboard. Please, have some coffee. There is a fly in the coffee. Can you see the fly doing the backstroke in the coffee?

So why does every Japanese girl look sexy in a T-shirt with English writing. I know what you're thinking, I'd really look good in that T-shirt. For g-d's sake stop teutsching me. But you have a point: this never would have worked with an Indian girl. Or even Raghav.

Now for our serious analysis. We travel to a department store in Japan for an exclusive wormseye account. I realize that the fonts in this blog can't do justice to the text you're about to read, so please "click to enlarge." If something doesn't seem to make sense, picture me in a kimono.

Lastly, never drink and blog.

make within fight

elegant living of the celebrity

do the behavior that i was careful to you who are wonderfulmake all captive your heart isaimed

we are attractive

the bottom wearing trousers it will dry to the limit trainer

person, place, or thing?

it seems to be delicious!

ode 2 an asterisk

To the tune of starman.
Are you multiplication?
Are you equal almost everywhere?
Are you a C* algebra?


You hold together strings and loops
I donut know why.
May I adjoint you?

Someone has challenged you to a dual.
Raghav how did you get in this song?
Just kidding, it is the derivative operator
JK Turing jump in disguise, wacka wacka
Only one more bottle of chometz to go
da da da da da

And that's how the apostrophe got its bend. By beating up the star operator.

(Repeat 2*n times)

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